“Getting to Know Communism”

phd-collection-cover-webEdited by Ivaylo Znepolski

Authors: Marian Gyaurski, Konstantin Kasabov, Petya Vassileva-Grueva, Claudia Dobre, Martin K. Dimitrov, Nina Dimitrova, Petya Slavova, Nurie Muratova, Sergey Vuchkov

Published by the Institute for Studies of the Recent Past and Ciela Publishers with the kind support of CEE Trust, Bulgaria.
Sofia 2012

ISBN: 978-954-28-1056-8


Introduction (Ivaylo Znepolski)

  • Marian Gyaurski, Konstantin Kasabov – Armed Resistance to the Communist Regime in Bulgaria – Goryani Guerilla (1944 – 1955)
  • Petya Vassileva-Grueva – The Collapse of the Communist Regime in Bulgaria – Memoir Accounting and Historiographic Interpretation
  • Claudia Dobre – Traces of Communism. Memory and Forgetting in Sofia and Bucarest Public Space (Six monuments and their stories)
  • Martin K. Dimitrov – Civic Complaints in Communist Bulgaria
  • Nina Dimitrova – Social Services and Their Role in Bulgaria, 1944 – 1989
  • Petya Slavova – Free-lance Professions as Hidden Figures of Socialism: Attorneys in Bulgaria, 1944 – 1952
  • Nurie Mouratova – Communist Policies in Treating Muslim Women in Bulgaria
  • Sergey Vouchkov – Bringing Cinema to Muslim Villages in South-West Bulgaria during the 50-ies and 60-ies of the 20th c.