Historical Research on the Communist Period

Period: 2005 – 2008

The Institute for Studies of the Recent Past started a common research project with Open Society Institute in Sofia on the communist years in Bulgaria. Researchers are writing on 16 actual topics from the recent past. Outcomes to be announced and published in the following years.

  • The “Revival Process” (Cultural assimilation of the Muslims in Bulgaria), Alexey Kalionski
  • Bulgarian Communist Party and its Policy toward Bulgarian Emigration, Boyko Kiryakov
  • Bulgarian Rural Areas, Mihail Gruev
  • The Political Regime and the Bulgarian Muslims, Mihail Gruev
  • State Security, Momchil Metodiev
  • Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Momchil Metodiev
  • The Party Nomenclature, Alexander Vezenkov
  • Governmental and Social Organizations, Alexander Vezenkov
  • The Foreign Debt of Bulgaria 1944 – 1989, Daniel Vachkov and Martin Ivanov
  • The Socialistic Reform “during the 80-ies”, Martin Ivanov
  • Currency Policy without Currency, Roumen Avramov
  • “The Real Socialism”. Political and Cultural Analyses, Ivaylo Znepolski
  • The Cultural Policy during Communism, Ivan Elenkov
  • The Production of Historical Knowledge during Communism, Ivan Elenkov
  • Policies for Construction of Cultural Memory, Evelina Kelbecheva