Divination 31, “Тоталитаризмите на 20-и век…”

divinatio31-coverПоследният брой на международното академично списание DIVINATIO, издавано от Катедра “История и теория на културата” към Софийски университет в сътрудничество с Дом на науките за човека и обществото (София) и Институт за изследване на близкото минало, представя всички доклади, изнесени на Международната конференция “Тоталитаризмите на XX век в сравнителна перспектива“, 28 – 29 ноември, 2009 в София.

Този брой на списанието стана възможен благодарение на финансовата помощ на:

  • Stiftung Bulgarische Hochschulfoerderung (Frankfurt – Sofia)
  • Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (Paris) and
  • CEE Trust Bulgaria



Editorial: The Totalitarian Legacy of the 20th Century and its Reception Today

I. Totalitarian Regimes and Totalitarian Theory

  • Claude Lefort: La voie de mes réfl exions sur le totalitarisme
  • Bernard Bruneteau: Towards the Origins of Totalitarian Theory: The Anticipations of the Thirties
  • Stéphane Courtois: Communism, the Opening of the Archives and the Concept of Totalitarianism
  • Nikos Marantzidis: A Stillborn Totalitarianism: Building a Communist State in Greece, 1943-1945
  • Mark Kramer: Stalin, Soviet Policy, and the Consolidation of a Communist Bloc in Eastern Europe, 1944-1953

II. The Totalitarian Regimes in Eastern Europe after Stalin’s Death

  • Ivaylo Znepolski The Political Nature of “Real Socialism”
  • Ádám Takács: Totalitarianism as an Atmosphere. Morality and Mentality in Hungary under the Kádár Regime
  • Stanislav Balík and Jan Holzer: The Concept of Totalitarianism – Czech Refl ections and Inspirations
  • Victor Neumann: The Concept of Totalitarianism in the Romanian Social-Political Languages
  • Dariusz Stola: The Communist Regime as a Process: ‘People’s Poland’: from Imitation to De-Totalitarization
  • Ulf Brunnbauer: “Everybody Believes the State Should Do Everything for Them”. An Essay on State-Society Relations in Communist Bulgaria

III. Totalitarianism – Past, Present and Future

  • Pierre Hassner: Is Totalitarianism Dead?
  • Antonio Elorza: Totalitarianism and Totalism


How can we write the History of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria?

  • Ivaylo Znepolski: About the Book
  • Blagovest Niagulov: How to Write a History of the Recent Past: Refl ections on a Contemporary Historiography Debate
  • Boyko Penchev A History of Totalitarian Power and Care


  • Michail Gruev: Socialist Bulgaria Seen through the Refl ections of Memory
  • Ivaylo Znepolski: The East-Orthodox Church and the Communist Regime in Bulgaria
  • Ivaylo Znepolski: Merab Mamardashvili or about the Borders of Intellectual Dissidence during the Soviet Era