Chapters of “Bulgarian Foreign Debt 1944 – 1989” in Dnevnik Daily

Dnevnik Daily published in serial of four issues chapters from the Daniel Vachkov’s and Martin Ivanov’s book “Bulgarian Foreign Debt 1944 – 1989”, part of the book series of the Institute for Studies of the Recent Past examining the recent communist past of Bulgaria.

Available only in Bulgarian!

в-к “Дневник”, 29 септември – 02 октомври, 2008 г.

“Bulgarian Foreign Debt 1944 – 1989”

The Bankruptcy of the Communist Economy

Authors: Daniel Vachkov, Martin Ivanov

Published by the Institute for Studies of the Recent Past, Open Society Institute and Ciela Publishers
Sofia 2008

This book is result of the extensive research of Daniel Vachkov and Martin Ivanov conducted as part of the Communism Research Project.

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